Paper on “Emerging Practices in Foresight and Their Use in STI Policy”

Bildschirmfoto 2015-12-16 um 11.59.37Cornelia Daheim and Dr. Sven Hirsch from Future Impacts published a paper about  “emerging practices in foresight and their use in STI Policy” in the latest issue of the South-Korean peer-reviewed journal „STI Policy Review“ (Vol. 6, No. 2). The paper outlines four clusters of emerging approaches in foresight and their use in STI Policy: Integrated qualitative and quantitative approaches, IT-based and automated foresight, experiential foresight – these are for example new forms of communication and interaction such as visualization and gaming, or open and crowd-sourced approaches. The paper summarizes a study funded by STEPI; outcomes are based on an expert Delphi survey and interviews. “STI Policy Review” is a multidisciplinary journal that shares high-quality, empirical and practical knowledge on science and technology policy in order to further a robust global community of STI policy researchers, policy makers and practitioners. Click here for an abstract or send an email to get the entire paper.

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