Future Impacts Consulting realises state of the art foresight projects for your company or organisation.

We aim to create and enable meaningful conversations about the future that initiate informed actions today. For this, we bring knowledge about key trends and future issues (signals of change or impacts from the future that are visible today) to the table, but most importantly – a decade and a half of  of experience and methodological expertise. Team members have at least a decade of foresight experience, as well as a specific methodological focus or content expertise and a connection to communication and art that feeds into our conversational focus. For tasks we cannot cover alone, we bring in additional experts from our international networks.

We believe that for foresight to be of value, it has to create an impact on today’s decision-making: We deliver solid long-term oriented insights in tailored communication formats that spark change – adapted from CEO-level express briefings to open crowd-based discussions. We are sure that while making sense of the future is a complex, sometimes messy and difficult task, it always needs to be inspiring: We let the future come to life via storytelling, gamification or walk-in futures installations. Via co-creation, we nudge and sometimes push our customers towards action that is future-proof and future-oriented.

Thus, our approaches are characterised by what we call serious playfulness and a high level of agility in adapting to changing contexts and learning together with our customers.

The value base is a clear commitment to sustainability in a broad sense, to shaping the future and contributing to the global community. A share of the proceeds will be donated to future-orientated causes.