APF develops Foresight Competency Model

bildschirmfoto-2016-10-04-um-13-07-46The APF (Association of Professional Futurists) developed the first Foresight Competency Model. The competency model suggests what one should be capable of doing in order to be a professional futurist. The Competency Model Team — Cornelia Daheim (Germany), Jay Gary & Andy Hines (US), and Luke van der Laan (Australia) — drove this effort that involved many others and took more than a year to complete. This final version is APF’s view of futurist competencies at this point in time. It is offered to the large futurist community in the spirit of stimulating further discussion of what it takes to be a professional futurist. Indeed a competency model is not intended to be static or fixed, but rather to evolve along with the field it describes. Click here for the foresight competency model and further informations.