Future Impacts supports the European Commission (EU JRC) in the systematic use of megatrends

Megatrends are very well suited for scanning in future projects, a 360 ° overview of the relevant topics, and the scoping of tasks and investigations. But how can we use them systematically in policy-making? Future Impacts has helped the Foresight team of the European Commission’s Joint Research Center to develop a megatrend tool.

The FOR-KNOW research project has developed a format to introduce policy makers to work with megatrends and above all, analyze the effects of megatrends on one’s own work or policy field in an interactive, visual format. On top of the tool, another result of the project is the megatrend hub. 

The tool is now available to anyone interested in a Creative Commons version (CC-BY-SA) of the Megatrend Assessment Tool – the contact can be found on the linked website.