Interview with the Willi-Eichler-Bildungswerk about the future of work

Cornelia Daheim gave an interview to the Willi Eichler Bildungswerk in January 2019 within the framework of the publication Impulse: Solidarity 4.0 – Pleading for a Solidary Society (in German, can be found on pages 7 – 10). The interview was conducted by Marie Knäpper.

Publication Impulse: Solidarity 4.0 (Source:

After a brief introduction to her own understanding of Foresight and The Millennium Project, an international think tank on future issues in the form of a non-profit organization, Cornelia talks about the future of work in the context of technological development. The particular focus here is on a long-term and international perspective and the social implications. In two scenarios Cornelia Daheim outlines a positive and a negative scenario until the year 2050.

What can positive images of the future look like, how much political influence does it need, what role does education play and what could “good work” of the future look like? Cornelia Daheim takes a position and wishes for an early, action-oriented discussion as well as internationally visible first measures for the implementation of the developed target images.