Our Services

Future Impacts Consulting supports your company or organisation in finding robust solutions and action points to strategic future questions. Our services encompass:

  • Customised solutions for your foresight needs based on a taxonomy of foresight approaches for different contexts.
  • High impact via approaches that take communication psychology into account and draw from scientific insights (e.g. behavioural economics) as well as from contemporary art and design practice (as e.g. in design fiction).
  • Where applicable and helpful, we work with combined qualitative-quantitative approaches with “Real Time Modelling” – see this article on the approach.
  • Sectors and topics we are particularily well versed in include: Societal change, energy, demographics, future of food, mobility; foresight methods and practices.
  • In running our projects, we use agile project management methods, a SCRUM-approach adapted for foresight.

Our Foresight Formats

Future Insights

  • Reports on Trends, Weak Signals, Scenarios, Future Perspectives for a specific market, sector, region or topic; ideally this is part of a project including workshops and other conversational means.
  • Fast Foresight: Do you need a trend briefing for your CEO for next week? We research, summarise and deliver the slides.
  • Foresight Ghost-writing: Would you like to publish a book on global trends or future developments in your sector? We conceptualise the project, research and deliver the text, and help gain you media attention within the foresight community.

 Future Interventions

  • Bring the future to life in your organisation by enacting a day in 2030 or “playing” through alternative scenarios (Scenario Gaming).
  • Future Fictions: Build a Mini-Museum of the Future in your organisation – we create the content and communication formats and bringing in partners into the realisation stages where necessary.

 Future Conversations

  • Workshops and processes: Inspiring, sometimes fast & furious interaction formats that enable in-depth discussions and that co-create insights oriented toward action today. Solutions are individualised to the task at hand, but format examples include:
    • Rapid Futures Café: A minimum 2-hour workshop to discuss trends or scenarios on a specific topic.
    • Future in a Box:  Create 3D innovation ideas in half a day.
    • Future Survival Camp: Identify threats and opportunities for action within a group in order to get a quick overview of upcoming challenges and opportunities for your organization or topic, and to draft future-proof strategies / policies.
  • Keynotes & Presentations: Summarising key issues concerning a topic, the relevant trends and future perspectives. This also encompasses presentations on methodology and the practice of foresight.
  • Training & Coaching: We coach young as well as experienced professionals who are new to foresight, in need of feedback, want input on current developments in the field, or just need to learn about how to apply a specific tool or method.
    • For units, we coach specifically for the process and options of creating a new foresight team with its own approach and modes of working, while bringing in vital experience of the do’s and don’ts. This can include training and web-based coaching.
    • For the wicked problems, there is also “Foresight Firefighting” – we come in and fix your foresight project when it’s in trouble (we operate undercover if desired).

Mail: Cornelia Daheim

Tel: +49 151 24032800