Podcast about the Future of Women

Cornelia Daheim discusses the Future of Women in a podcast series on this topic, realized by Dr. Claire Nelson from Futures Forum. For example, she predicts we will soon be able to visit a „Museum of Patriarchy“ and that in 2030, choosing your gender has become a human right. See the video HERE.

EU Commission For-Know Project: How can global trends be used in foresight?

Cornelia Daheim supports the For-Know project of the European Commission Joint Research Centre in her role as one of three steering committee members. On 18th November 2016 a one-day workshop took place to pilot a foresight policy-engagement tool based on a set of global megatrends. The workshop was also used to gather the experience and good practice of foresight practitioners in engaging policy-makers and other stakeholders in long-term and systems-thinking processes. The For-Know project aims to establish a repository of megatrends and a tool for using such trends in policy-making, mainly at European level. Find the report of the workshop HERE and watch a video HERE.

Cornelia Daheim is new President of the Foresight European Network

Cornelia Daheim follows Blaž Golob as new president of the Foresight Europe Network (FEN) from January 2017 on. Cornelia is one of the founding members, who established the network of European Futurists at Paris in 2014. The FEN is a joint initiative of the European Millennium Project Nodes Initiative (EuMPI) and the European Regional Foresight College (ERFC) and wants to initiate the search and distribution of innovative and creative components in a new generation of foresight. For more informations about the FEN click HERE.

Study on “Precision Agriculture and the future of farming in Europe” published

Based on a horizon scanning of existing insights on Precision Agriculture (PA) and framing in Europe, the STUDY highlights four main concerns and opportunities for potential follow-up anticipatory action by the European Parliament: the contribution of precision agriculture to food safety and security, the support of PA for sustainability, and the fact that PA will bring along societal changes and require new skills. Cornelia Daheim led the foresight part of the project, realized in a team with Erica Silke den Hartog de Wilde, in which scenarios for the future of precision agriculture were developed. The main foresight insights are included in this REPORT. More details on the scenarios are available HERE. The final results were presented at the STOA panel and for members of the European Parliament AGRI Committee in Strasbourg and can be viewed HERE.

Precision Agriculture and the future of farming in Europe

bildschirmfoto-2016-11-17-um-17-25-48In cooperation with Veteffect and several agriculture experts, Future Impacts took part in the preparation of a study for the European Parliament. The study is for the scientific foresight unit STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) of the European Parliament (EP). The study is forward looking, and supports members of EP. The overall purpose of the project is to identify legislative pathways for the EU Parliament towards an sustainable, efficient and competitive agriculture in the EU, and for supporting development of skilled workforces in the farming sector in the EU. The final results were presented at the STOA panel and for members of the European Parliament AGRI Committee in Strasbourg and can be viewed HERE.