Workplace Health Management (WHM) will increasingly have to be dedicated to the mind and not just to the employees’ bodies

Through automation and digitization, much physical work has already been taken away from humans and this trend will continue in the future. That’s good news for our back and spinal discs. However, the health effects of work also shift from the body to the mind. The constant pressure of deadlines, increasingly flexible and complex work, and (potential) permanent accessibility pose a challenge to the psyche that WHM has to deal with.

Here you will find the slides of Cornelia Daheim’s lecture on the future of work and occupational health management (in German).

For this, the merger of the WHM with strategy and an overall strategic positioning of the WHM in the company are indispensable. Technical gadgets and tools can only be means to an end. Rather, resource-strengthening measures are required that empower employees to build on their existing skills and acquire new skills. Lifelong skills acquisition is considered a key element for strong companies.

Cornelia Daheim gave a presentation on this topic at the network meeting of the AOK in Neumarkt. An overview of the future of work and its impact on the WHM can be found here (in German) . More information about the conference and the remaining results can be found here (also in German).